Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Some people are just thin/fat.

Really. Some people are just thin/fat. They could eat a pound of ice cream to every meal, never move beyond the couch and the kitchen, and they would be thin/fat. Or, they could eat nothing but vegetables, excercise two hours a day every day, and they would be thin/fat. We all know someone who are like this. Because, some people are just thin/fat. Really.


Who are you Weesha? said...

It's true and I think that's why ignorance about fat people exists- how would a naturally thin person empathize with a fat person. I've heard the *why don't they just exercise and eat less* line so many times, ugh. And yes, growing up I was one of those girls who was just big/ fat despite running around the park and cycle for hours. I wish more people would get this into their heads.

Veronica said...

Yes, this is a way I think people with different body types can relate to one another.
Quite honestly I had this vision of people priting out multiple copies of this text, and just handing them to people they meet who express this kind of ignorance. Can you imagine? *laughs*