Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More for me

Something we talk about quite a lot in the Fatosphere is fat and attraction. The fact that we are not trying to force everyone to find fat attractive. That we don't really care whether or not this or that person is attracted to fat people. And the fact that the people who are attracted to fat people are in no way, shape or form freaks.
I myself am not a natural Fat Admirer. If you allowed me to pick the body type of the future Mr. Right before I met him, he might end up looking spookily like Gerard Butler in 300 (yes, I know a lot of that is make-up). But something else is in my nature as well; I just don't care all that much. I have one 'look requirement' that I care about, apart from that I genuinly feel, however clichéd it might sound, that beauty comes from within. That being said, being a self-loathing fatty did affect the way I saw other fatties. I think it is nearly impossible to buy into society's messages on how bad fat people are, and only apply them to yourself. With this I arrive at a rather pleasant side-effect of having embraced Fat Acceptance; having more dating options. The number of fish in the sea I'd be happy to catch has grown fatter, if you will.

What about you? Has FA changed how you view the fish in the sea, the way it (hopefully) has changed your view of yourself?

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bloomie said...

I'm on a perpetual hunt for a heterosexual bear. I love big guys in general - not necessarily tall (although that's nice) but broad, bellies, beards, etc...

So yes I've embraced fatty love, but sometimes I question it and wonder if I like big guys because in some fucked up way it makes me feel smaller or like I won't break them in bed. I mean I look at thin guys and think "what would I do with them in bed?"

I don't think that's why - I am generally more attracted to fat men than skinny men, but I think about it and question it a lot.