Friday, September 3, 2010

A call to sleeves!

Valerie of Blog To Be Alive

I went shopping in a brick and mortar store on Tuesday. While the selection was far too 'old' for my tastes, it made me reflect on a few things. At any given time in a store targeting plus sized women there are women there who are unhappy with their bodies, some of them deeply and profoundly so. Often I hear a woman trying something on, and telling the sales person that she is just happy to find something that fits. Heck, I've said that, probably more than once. This knowledge makes me so sad. I don't want fat women to have to settle for being happy to find something that fits. I want them to be able to buy clothes they feel good in, and that make them feel good about themselves. But the reality is that a lot of them know of no other way of existing than despising their bodies, and buying clothes that are no more than ok, either because that's all they find, or because they'll save buying the clothes they really want until they have the body they are 'supposed' to have.
I have honestly thought of handing out pamphlets with the addresses to the Fatshionista LJ community, and a Fat Rant or two on it. Unfortunately I have a feeling implying that they're fat wouldn't be that welcome, and would make them disregard anything else that was being said. And then there's the fact that I'd have to convince the store managers it's a good idea.
In lieu of these more drastic ideas, I have found an other approach: Every time I go to a fat people's store I dress up. I put on something I love wearing, and that proves without a doubt that just because I'm a fat chick doesn't mean I can't look (my version of) stylish and beautiful. And right now I am asking you to do the same, assuming you're fat, of course. Think about it; this might be the place you go with the most fat people gathered in one place, here there's a real chance of affecting someone. Wouldn't it be great if a few years from now, some fat woman you don't know is sitting around telling her friends about how her journey to self-love and body acceptance started when she saw this beautiful/trendy/cute/rockin' looking girl in a store for fat girl's clothes? Even if you don't end up changing someone's life, wouldn't it be awesome to walk around knowing you are walking talking 'fatspiration'? Please join me in this attempt to change fat people's lives, one shopping trip at a time!

Ash Foxglove of Owls Are Raptors!


Weesha said...

This is so true! The whole "if she can do it, so can I" motivation actually does work so it's our responsibility to set an example for other girls out there, especially if they're younger.

Veronica said...

Oh yeah, you fatshion (in your case maybe more chubby?) bloggers have definitely proven that the "if she can do it so can I" thing works!