Monday, December 20, 2010

Sometimes others say it better

Dear friends, readers, and d-bags who end up reading this in the hope that I'll go on to abuse fat people. Obviously I'm having some sort of writer's block, or inspiration block, so in order to dig myself out of this little hole, I am giving you a transcript of my own making, of the speech so beautifully delivered by Paul Vogt in Grey's Anatomy's season 6 episode 12 titled 'I like You So Much Better When You're Naked'. All credit goes to Tony Phelan and Joan Rater.

"Dr. Altman, I'm big. Too big. I don't fit in airplane seats, and, as Jeff is always telling me, my feelings don't always fit the situation. If my food is overcooked in a restaurant, I get enraged. I want to kill the waiter. But I don't; I politely ask him to take my meal back, and bring it to me the way I asked for it. I spend my days making myself smaller, more acceptable, and that's okay. Because at night, when I go on stage, I get to experience the world the way I feel it, with indescribable rage, and unbearable sadness, and huge passion. At night on stage I get to kill the waiter, and dance on his grave. And if I can't do that, if all I have left is a life of making myself smaller, then I don't want to live. I don't. He turns to his significant other. And, believe me honey, you don't want me to live."

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Weesha said...

I never saw this episode but I wish I had. Goosebumps.