Monday, May 16, 2011

OOTD: Climate change, you treat me so well!

I've gone over and over this; do I want to do Outfit Of The Day posts? Won't putting a picture to my name open me up to scary people? I'm not really that into clothes, so why would anyone care what I wear? In the end it comes down to this: There's a reason fat activists keep insisting it's a radical act just to be fat in public. Fat people are constantly pushed to make themselves less visible. We're told we're hard to look at, and if we insist on joining the world outside our front door, we should at least have the decency to wear something that will make it easier to not notice us. I want to fight against this! And, if I want to join the fight for fat visibility, I have to actually be visible (I've got fat down). In addition to this, I just don't think there are enough pictures of Norwegian fatties out there.

I present to you, my first OOTD:

Me, sporting the double, er, triple chin, and goofily/coyly waving hello.

Pretending to be sunbathing, and trying not to laugh at my posing.
Squinting at my photographer, who decided to go pro and take my picture from below.
Bonus picture! Model pose!
All photographs taken by D.
Om meg:
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Ca 255lbs
Size: 16/18 top, 18/20 bottom
Age: 25

What I'm wearing:
Jeggings: Asos Curve
Sunglasses: RayBan
Wedge heels: Økonomisko
Strapless bra (that pinches): Bravissimo

There's a couple of reasons why I love this outfit. Firstly, I love the pattern, colors, and lace yoke on this top! So much, that I bought it despite the fact that I usually avoid trapeze tops like they're trying to sell me the latest fad diet book. And this top, in my mind, was meant to be paired with these amazing Asos Curve jeggings from last season. Which brings me to the main reason why I love this outift; it breaks so many rules! Apart from my own no trapeze tops rule, it breaks the 'fat girls shouldn't wear sleeveless tops' rule; the 'fat girls shouldn't wear j/leggings' rule; and the 'jeggings aren't pants (especially not on fat girls)!' rule. I'm a rebel, people! Seriously though, it's amazing to me to think that, this time last year, combining a sleeveless top and jeggings in an outfit like this wouldn't even have crossed my mind, and despite of this, today this outfit had me walking around just strutting my stuff.

So, that was my first OOTD. What did you think?


Anika said...

I love it when you rebel darling! More ootds pretty please!! Sender deg masse gode klemmer og håper du har en fin helg :) xxx

Veronica said...

Thank you so much, darling! Don't worry, I've set things in motion now=) Masse klemmer til deg også! Helga var litt middels, men har håp om at uka blir knall. Ønsker deg en flott uke!